Sam, Terrence and Marlin of Eva Hype tearing up BCAL from floor to floor…

Here;s Sam (AKA Budda) bringing the solo flava to BCAL…

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Eva Hype Dancers Sam, Terrence and Marlin representing BCAL (some strong language).

BCAL is the Brooklyn College Art Lab

Is BCAL hopping….Zero Gravity visiting BCAL last year and additional video of BCAl student dancers….

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The camera is abit shaky, but you’ll get a flava of the talent at the event

BCAL is the Brooklyn College Art Lab


The name is Tevin a.k.a Krome, I attend Erasmus High School @ Youth Community Development (Y.C.D.). Well, in this picture I’m basically expressing myself  by dancing. It took a while before we could actually take this photo of me jumping in the air, over my leg. Allot of dancers know this “jump through” move, obviously you can see I’m a dancer, it shows what I can do and that dancing is one of my talents. 


  • Every 9 minutes, someone in the United States is infected with HIV.
  • About 2.3 MILLION people are infected with CHLAMYDIA RIGHT NOW.
  • 75% of women with Chlamydia have NO symptoms at all, thus making them completely unaware of their diagnosis.
  • 50% of men also have no symptoms when infected with Chlamydia, and no idea they are carrying and transmitting this dangerous STD.
  • Safe sex is sure sex, don’t be a statistic!

In an attempt to boost awareness about STD’s amongst those who attend BCAL, I’ve been asked to create some slogans to attract members to “The Vault.”

A lot of the time, the facts about STDs and other related issues get misconstrued and people aren’t always confident enough to ask for help or facts. Here at BCAL, we have a partnership with Planned Parenthood and our aim is to spread the truth and provide our members with a place they can come to inquire, speak, and vent. I’ve found that some of the best methods to use, when catching the attention desired when educating about STD’s, are facts and statistics. I’ve compiled a few just to give an idea of how serious this matter is and urge people to get interested and get educated.

What grade do you give president Obama on his first 100 days?

1. A to B +: He’s getting alot done. 

2. A – to B+: He’s changing the image of the US in the world 

3. A+: Doing things right, he went right to work.

4. A: He’s improved the economy already

5. B: He needs to end the wars on terror, drugs, Iraq, … Then prosecute Bush for war crimes.

What grade would you give him?

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