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Posted on: December 13, 2008


The Poetry

This poem is so special to me in many ways. I wrote this poem in the heat of all drama of October 2006. The drama in my ow personal life and within my environment. I live in the “hood”; or so that’s what it’s called as a short name. Growing up in East Flatbush has been something that benefitted me and hindered me in many ways. I grew up in a community where its either you kill or get killed. The mentality and behavior was always aggression, violent and manic. During that time it was very hard to find a way to smile or find any type of joy. There was no positive outlook on life or anything to be exact. Witnessing this for myself inspired me to always work hard because I knew that once I got out of that life style, Someday everything will be easier and better. 



Ohhh child things are gonna be easier
Ohhh child things will be brighter……… 

For who?
For you or for me
Either way it’s a small possibilty
See the negativity has engulfed the positivity
And its taking my life away from me
Call 911 ’cause I can’t breathe
See the police are supposedly suppose to be there for me
But they’re blind sighted
They don’t wanna see 
They’re like the one-eyed pirate
In search of an ancient treasure
 And they quote-unquote “Patrol” the hood
 For guilty pleasure
 But see now we call it the hood
 Because it rhymes with
Should, Could and Would?!
 But if you look at it our whole society is twisted
 13 year olds having kids
 14 year olds getting killed of a stupid diss
 15 year olds selling drugs to get kicks
 and 16 year olds are laying on their death bed
Begging for one last wish
 See now we make up the hood
The ghetto girls with their head ties
The boys with the kool-aid and the dolla fries
The dealers. The thugs. And the gang-bangers
See in the hood your affiliation keeps you alive
And in my hood
They rep that six and drop that five
Talking about we crack jaws and pop pimples
But tell me after you get locked up how it feels

But…. Ohhh child things are gonna be easier
I walk around ’cause of how were treated
We’re suppose to be equal
But the life I’m living is just a prequal
Hopefully I’ll live to see the sequal
Can’t walk the streets without trying to forget about the heat
Or they boys tryna holla ’cause they wanna beat
Girls get called skeets, just cause they seen a brothers meat (AYO)
Now see thats what I mean
All the negative mind and simplified people in our world
That they feel there’s no where to turn to
But GOD…. and yet the devil pulled you in so far
And you can’t get out and you figure its too late and so you stay
Not knowing wether or not you’re still promised today
And even though school is a state rule
Half of them still don’t go
And those girls getting pregnant are being labeled a hoe
And the virgins are scared
And the quiet girls are freaks
Thats my word,
We ain’t equal, it’s a double standard
We go to school to have higher education
And be a better nation
Yet that still doesn’t stop the hateration

But… OHHH child things are gonna be brighter
You know what…..
It probably will cause we got skills and we own ourselves
We got a mind and a brain that keeps us sane
We got school and education
But people seem to forget about my Hip Hop nation
Hip Hop aint to blame for what brings us shame
Open your eyes realize the game
And just remember your given name
You control your destiny
And you control what you’re portrayed to be
You want things to be better than you gotta do you
You gotta get your head right and thats so true
Don’t let that drama phase you
Don’t let that fame amaze you
You’re too special
Don’t let those tears fall from your eyes 
‘Cause you’re that ceral box prize
You’re special, educated
And you got your mind right
So now it’s time you joined the fight
And trust that

-Tamika Brooklyn College Academy H.S. age 17 Senior


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