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Is BCAL hopping….Zero Gravity visiting BCAL last year and additional video of BCAl student dancers….

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The camera is abit shaky, but you’ll get a flava of the talent at the event

BCAL is the Brooklyn College Art Lab

  • Every 9 minutes, someone in the United States is infected with HIV.
  • About 2.3 MILLION people are infected with CHLAMYDIA RIGHT NOW.
  • 75% of women with Chlamydia have NO symptoms at all, thus making them completely unaware of their diagnosis.
  • 50% of men also have no symptoms when infected with Chlamydia, and no idea they are carrying and transmitting this dangerous STD.
  • Safe sex is sure sex, don’t be a statistic!

In an attempt to boost awareness about STD’s amongst those who attend BCAL, I’ve been asked to create some slogans to attract members to “The Vault.”

A lot of the time, the facts about STDs and other related issues get misconstrued and people aren’t always confident enough to ask for help or facts. Here at BCAL, we have a partnership with Planned Parenthood and our aim is to spread the truth and provide our members with a place they can come to inquire, speak, and vent. I’ve found that some of the best methods to use, when catching the attention desired when educating about STD’s, are facts and statistics. I’ve compiled a few just to give an idea of how serious this matter is and urge people to get interested and get educated.


Out of the young men and women we asked to answer the question regarding the relationship between Chris Brown and Rihanna. Out of the 12-14 studets we asked 6-7 were young men and the rest were young women.

Here is a sample from what the young men said:

“My parents raised me to never hit a women”

“I could not hit a women, it’s like hitting my mother or sister”

“I could never hit a woman, I would leave her before doing that!”

Here’s is a sample of what the young ladies said (some of them felt that since they read on the net she gave him Herpes it was ok:

“If someone gave me Herpes, they deserve to get hit.”

“She gave him a deserve what do you expect?”

“She deserved it”



BCAL is already in the mix after the holidays in the New Year. Here are a few photographs of student fashion designer Yaz’s designs as she models (top) with her super model Read the rest of this entry »


The Poetry

This poem is so special to me in many ways. I wrote this poem in the heat of all drama of October 2006. The drama in my ow personal life and within my environment. I live in the “hood”; or so that’s what it’s called as a short name. Growing up in East Flatbush has been something that benefitted me and hindered me in many ways. Read the rest of this entry »


BCAL Dancers are always in effect and the largest student group at BCAL. Here they are photographed again by Marlene on the scene.




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